Whippoorwill 2021 Assistant's Fund 10/8/21

Dear Whippoorwill Members,

As autumn reigns with its beautiful weather and Closing Day events, we are reminded that another golf season at Whippoorwill is drawing to a close. With many of our members still working from home offices, this year has been exceptionally busy and filled with wonderful events, clinics, and activities - a testament to the hard work of Jim Wahl and his staff. We are counting on the return of the entire golf staff for the upcoming season and another year of dedication and service to our members.

The assistant professionals are responsible for continuously upholding and raising both the quality and standards of the golf operations. Their service to our members and their attention to detail has ensured that our events run efficiently and smoothly.  Their knowledge of the game can readily be seen with the improvements of our scores. The golf staff’s commitment to creating a comforting and welcoming atmosphere in the Golf Shop makes it a joy to be around the Club. The assistants also played a vital role in the continued success of our Junior and Summer Camp programs.  

In 2003, the Whippoorwill Assistant’s Fund was established to help provide opportunities throughout the winter for our assistants to further their professional development and golf skills.  The fund affords them the chance to attend education seminars, as well as improve their instruction and game. Through workshops, the assistants improve their ability to teach and through competition and practice time, they enhance their skills and insights into playing the game.

Greg plans to attend multiple Metropolitan PGA Winter Education Series at local clubs in the section, which cover all aspects of the golf business - instruction, merchandising, junior golf, and club fitting. He hopes to attend a Pro Am with several of our members next February if the current travel restrictions do not change. Most of the winter Greg will be spending time with his wife Rosalie, their 28-month old daughter Antonia, and their 7-month old son Gregory. Greg is also looking forward to teaching over the winter months in the WAC.

Cary will be spending the winter with his wife Lynn and their four children in Briarcliff. His three oldest children are all busy with multiple JV and Varsity sports and his youngest daughter participates in dance. He also hopes to return to coaching her in CYO basketball if it returns this winter. Cary plans to participate in many of the continuing education and professional development programs offered by the Metropolitan and National PGA associations. Finally, Cary is very much looking forward to continuing his training and coaching throughout the winter months in our indoor athletic facility.

This winter, Selim will be working towards obtaining his PGA Class A certification. Selim plans to be teaching in the WAC facility this winter with K-Motion technology. Selim and his wife Jessica also intend to take a trip somewhere warm!

In order to achieve their goals, our assistant professionals seek your help to subsidize travel expenses, tournament entry fees, and educational registration fees. Greg, Cary, and Selim are not employees of the Whippoorwill Club, but rather work for Jim Wahl as independent contractors. Furthermore, they are ineligible for our Employee Holiday Fund.

We kindly request that each regular and associate member contribute $50 towards the Assistant Professional Fund. This amount will be automatically billed on your October statement unless you indicate a different amount by clicking Here and completing the online form.

We wish Greg, Cary, and Selim every success with their off-season endeavors and we look forward to welcoming them back at Whippoorwill next spring.

The Board of Governors 


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