Courtesy on the Course Reminders 7/16/21


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Dear Members,

Those who played golf over the last couple of weekends probably noticed the amazing job our grounds crew has done getting the course and the greens into spectacular condition. Sadly, the only flaws that could be noticed on our greens are still being caused by members. We have a very substantial number of ball marks that are going unrepaired and we continue to have members tracking footprints from bunkers and across the greens.  We are also seeing increases in divots remaining unfilled, trash being left on the course, huge numbers of tees being left on tee boxes and members are continuing to play music on the course.

As a reminder, we all have a responsibility to help keep the course in the playing condition that our grounds crew works so hard to maintain. Please make sure to…

  • Fix ball marks on the greens. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. Just look down when you step on to the green. Fix your own ball mark and one more.  Click here for a video of the proper method for fixing a ball mark.
  • When you exit a bunker around the green, and before you step on to the green, knock the sand off your shoes with your golf club. No one likes seeing a trail of sand on the putting surface and it slows down play when members need to wipe sand footprints away from their line while putting.
  • If you are not playing with a caddie, make sure to rake bunkers before returning to play.  If you have a caddie, make sure they are raking.
  • Use the sand mix on the golf carts to fill divots on the fairways.  If you have a caddie with you, make sure the caddie is filling the divot or ask the caddie for the sand they are carrying and fill yourself.  If you are carrying your own bag or taking a push cart, make sure to carry divot mix with you and repair all divots.
  • Make sure to pick up your tee after you tee off.
  • Do not leave cups, cans, bottles or any other trash on the golf course.  Make sure to clean up after yourself.
  • Signs have been put up on the driving range indicating the proper pattern for taking divots when hitting on the range.  Please make sure you, your guests and your family members that use the range are following those signs.
  • For those who are on the driving range with their children, if the range is full and a member is waiting for a spot, please ask your child to give up their spot to that member.
  • Driving range balls are the property of the club and they are NOT to be removed from the practice facilities.  Use of range balls on the golf course is strictly prohibited.
  • Remember that the playing of music on the golf course is prohibited.

In addition, when driving a golf cart, especially around greens and teeing areas, be aware of your surroundings. Make sure to keep your cart in designated areas and do not drive beyond the cart signs or into fescue. If another group is putting out or teeing off, please stop for a moment to avoid any distraction. If a player is lining up a putt on the 18th green, wait till they are done before driving your cart around the back side of the green. Wait for players to complete their strokes before you proceed.

Also, for those who have family members playing the course but not on our email lists, please communicate this information to those in your household. These changes only work when all players are following the rules.

These simple acts of courtesy will make our experience more enjoyable and help keep our amazing golf course in the best condition it can be in.  Please remember to hold yourself accountable as well as anyone playing in your group.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Golf and Grounds Committees

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