Whipporwill Guest Policy
Guest Policies
Electronic Devices
All communication devices are to be on silent mode while on Whippoorwill Club grounds. Texting, e-mail, and device viewing (no sound or ear buds) is permitted in the bar and non-dining area of the veranda. No electronic device usage of any nature is permitted in our dining areas: parlor room, dining room, and veranda table-dining area. Mobile phone conversations are permitted only in the parking lots, locker rooms, and within the pool gated grounds. Mobile phone usage is not allowed in any other areas at the Club, including the golf course, driving range, tennis pro shop and surrounding area and courts.

Whippoorwill Dress Code

Whippoorwill Club’s dress code is intended to ensure a pleasant and dignified atmosphere in which to enjoy the club's facilities and services. It is premised on members' exercising their good judgment, respect for tradition and sensitivity to the desires and expectations of the membership as a group. An integral part of the Whippoorwill tradition is the expectation that members, their families and guests will always be neatly attired and will maintain higher standards of appearance than may be evident in public places.

Recognizing that a dress code cannot reasonably be expected to identify all forms of acceptable and unacceptable attire, Whippoorwill’s dress code establishes minimum standards that apply to Club facilities and activities. The dress code is applicable to ALL members and guests above the age of five (5).

The following types of attire are never appropriate at the Whippoorwill clubhouse:

  • Frayed, fringed, dirty or torn clothing or denim, cut-off shorts, cargo-  style pants and shorts 
  • T-shirts, undershirts, tank tops, crop tops, mesh or fishnet shirts
  • Hooded shirts and sweatshirts
  • Short shorts on men/women
  • Sleeveless shirts on men
  • Bare or stocking feet
  • Sports uniforms
  • Swim attire
  • Exercise wear (workout, running, yoga or cycling attire) 
  • Flip Flops or water shoes

The following defines three categories of our dress code in or around the clubhouse to provide an easy reference:

Dress Codes:

“Formal Attire”– includes dress pants, jackets for gentlemen; dresses, skirts of modest length and dress pants for women. Golf shoes and sneakers are not permitted.

“Dining Room Attire”- includes non-denim long pants and tucked-in collared shirts for men; dresses, pants, skirts of modest length and white denim for women. Golf shoes and sneakers are not permitted.

"Country Club Attire"–Country club attire includes tucked-in collared shirts (unless designed to be worn untucked), turtlenecks, neat pants and golf-length shorts for men; pants, white denim, skirts, golf-length shorts and shirts that may be collared or not for women. Denim clothing (ex. Denim jackets, pants, shirts and skirts) is acceptable on the following specific days:

                *Lunch all days and dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Denim with holes, tears, fringe or fraying is never permitted. We will make a concerted effort to allow dress or designer denim at additional events – to be noted on flyers

Athletic shoes for golf and tennis are allowed when dressed in golf and tennis attire. All other athletic footwear is prohibited including casual sneakers.

Men shall remove hats and caps in the main clubhouse, restaurants and while dining on the patio. Women are permitted to wear hats in the clubhouse until 6:00 PM, and at all times on the patio.   Fashionable hats are permitted throughout the clubhouse at all times.


Special Events/Holidays

Formal Attire(will be indicated in reference to an event)

Dining Room

Dining Room Attire

Bar/Grill Room/Patio

Country Club Attire; Denim is acceptable for lunch all days and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday.

Compliance with the dress code by family and guests is the responsibility of the member. Club management and staff have been charged with monitoring compliance. Members who do not meet these guidelines will be asked to comply and/or receive a notice of their violation, and result in Board action.

Military uniform is always considered appropriate attire.

We appreciate the membership's adherence to the above and look forward to a fantastic season.

Whipporwill Guests